Located in Kips Bay between Lexington Avenue & 3rd Avenue


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Lylan M.

You know it’s a good barbershop when different customers seem to each have a different favourite barber in the shop. I’m willing to wait for my favourite barber, and other customers wait for other barbers. Works out for everyone!

Lylan M.

Kevin Y.

First time here and the service was great.
Quick and precise. I came with terrible hair and left with amazing hair that will give me new found confidence.

Kevin Y.

David D.

I’ve been going to Elegant for over a year now, and always leave satisfied. As a Black man I’m always wary of letting anyone touch my hair who doesn’t come from my background, but each barber has cut me at Elegant and they all do a great job.

They’re all really friendly too, which is a plus; I always have a good time chatting with them while I’m there. I’d definitely recommend stopping in.

Alex R.

No better place to get a haircut. The team here is extremely friendly and experts in their craft. For someone with Asian hair, it’s tough to find a barbershop that understands the intricacies of my hair, but this team excels every time!

Kristopher G.

A proper haircut and masters of their craft! I highly recommend you make the trip to get a cut by them. Make it a full experience and get a shave and whiskey.

Dan T.

If you are looking for a consistency and professionalism in a barber shop, look no further. Sam and Sammy are not only top notch barbers but they are extremely hospitable.

Xavier T.

Came here for a quick haircut. Sammy was awesome. He pays attention to details and I had a great experience. Highly recommended for sure.

Josh W.

Just started working in a new office around the corner on Madison, and stopped in for a much needed haircut last week. The service is friendly, haircut was very good, the price is affordable, and overall just a great experience. Most importantly the cut was not rushed, and was executed exactly how I requested it. I will definitely be making this my new barbershop going forward.

Lucas E.

My hair is really not so easy to trim, because it’s naturally curly, and I have keratin done to keep it straight, but it slowly curls in a 3-month period. Before here, I tried a few other barber shops for an inexpensive trim, and was disappointed, especially because it costs almost $200 to do a keratin treatment, and with the wrong trim, it’s just disastrous. This barber shop is great, I’ve been here a few times now and they do an excellent trim for me.